Nose surgery is a procedure performed by people who are unhappy with the appearance of their nose or who have health problems or have difficulty breathing. Especially for people who apply for nose surgery due to aesthetic concerns before nose surgery There are many question marks floating around in his mind. You can learn what patients should pay attention to before nose surgery and questions about the nose surgery preparation process.

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Frequently Asked Questions Before Rhinoplasty

Every patient who will undergo a surgical operation wonders about many issues regarding the process and its aftermath. My face will become beautiful with rhinoplasty, but how will I feel after the surgery? Will I have the nose I want? Will my new nose suit my face? Will I have any problems in the post-operative period, when will I recover, what should I pay attention to? With questions like these, you decided to have nose surgery and consulted a doctor. The process is already starting. The duty of the physician here is to eliminate all the question marks of the patient, explain all the developments that will occur without leaving reality, and reassure the patient. If sick before rhinoplasty He/she should ask his/her doctor all his/her questions without hesitation. Kiss. Dr. Sezai Sevengil answers all the questions that patients have and eliminates all question marks.

Things to Consider Before Nose Surgery

The nose, where capillaries are very dense, is one of our vital organs. For this reason, there are points that patients should pay attention to both before and after nose surgery. Many of our patients who apply for rhinoplasty show sample photographs to describe their dream nose. These examples usually consist of famous people. You want to beautify your face by making a change, and there is an example in front of you that is exactly what you want.

Before Nose Surgery

Therefore, although such desires are quite normal, they can lead to unrealistic dreams. As we have just mentioned, it is necessary to explain to the patient all the things that can be experienced without leaving reality. Otherwise, we may have paved the way for disappointment. Each person's facial structure is different. For this reason, one person's nose shape may not adapt to another person's face. While you want to have the nose you dream of, you may encounter an unexpected result. Therefore, when you go to see your doctor for surgery, you should decide together with your doctor to determine the suitable nose structure for you while explaining what kind of nose you want to have. Before nose surgery The preparation should begin this way.

before rhinoplasty

Preparation Process Before Nose Surgery

It would be beneficial to explain to your doctor in detail what you want at the first meeting. Is it the appearance of your nose or health problems that made you decide on plastic surgery? What don't you like about your nose? What do you dream of? If you have a health problem or a problem such as septum deviation or bone curvature that distorts the appearance of your nose, your doctor will examine you and make a definitive diagnosis. Detailed information is given about what needs to be done, how much of your dreams you can achieve, and what you may encounter after the surgery. After the preliminary preparation, the preparation process begins. Before nose surgery The preparation process can be listed as follows;

  • If you have health problems, you should tell your doctor. Research should be done if necessary.
  • If you are taking medication, you should definitely mention this to your doctor.
  • If you have illnesses such as flu, flu and cold, you must wait for these illnesses to pass before you can have surgery.
  • You should not consume blood thinners and foods. You should stop using blood thinners such as Aspirin 10 days before the surgery. If you have such a situation, you should tell your doctor.
  • It is recommended that you quit smoking before surgery. Because smoking seriously reduces your healing speed.
  • You should not use cosmetic products.
  • It will be beneficial to have a companion with you.

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