Protruding ears, which are an important part of facial aesthetics, can both disturb the person aesthetically and cause psychological trauma. Occurs due to genetic predisposition prominent ear status otoplasty The so-called prominent ear can be solved permanently with surgery. It is recommended that it be done at an early period, as it may cause negative effects on the socialization and school success of school-age children. Ear development is completed at the age of 6-7. That's why children prominent ear surgery It should be applied starting from the age of 4-5, when development begins to be completed.

How is Prominent Ear Surgery Performed?

Protruding ear surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia. General anesthesia is used in children or people who are not suitable for local anesthesia. The process takes approximately 1 hour. A very small incision is made behind the ear. In this way, scars are not visible. The cartilage is reached, the necessary angle is created and correction is made. After it is fixed in the correct position, the incision is closed with aesthetic stitches. The stitches are self-dissolving aesthetic stitches. There is no need for stitches, an aesthetic appearance is achieved.

Prominent Ear Surgery with Thread

otoplastyProtruding ear surgery with thread is a new method applied today. Although it is called surgery, it is performed without making any incisions, scarring, or touching the knife. A medical thread is pulled from the upper cartilage of the ear with the help of a needle and the procedure is completed by giving the required angle. It takes approximately 15 minutes and the patient can return to normal life immediately after the procedure. More information prominent ear surgery with thread You can find it in our article.

After Prominent Ear Surgery

After prominent ear surgery (otoplasty), there will be no pain that will strain the patient. Minimal pain that may occur can be controlled with simple painkillers. You can return to normal life in a very short time. If it is performed under local anesthesia, the patient is discharged on the same day. If he is under general anesthesia, he can be discharged the next day. If it is done on a child patient, he/she will definitely be hosted in the hospital for 1 day. Outside work can be done provided that you use the ear headband. The first check-up comes a few days later. In this control, dressing is done and the hair band is removed. Redness and edema in the ear are quite normal. It usually decreases within 1 week. Since the incision is between the ears and aesthetic stitches are used, there is no problem with scarring. Bathing permission is given after the first check. Prominent ear aesthetics Afterwards, you need to be careful against impacts. The process is easier after prominent ear surgery with thread. You can go home immediately after the procedure. Daily life can be continued immediately. There is no need to come for a check-up for dressing. He is called for a check-up after 1 week. It is important to be careful against impacts after this procedure. For more information prominent ear surgery post- You can read our article.

When Should Prominent Ear Surgery Be Performed? At What Age Should It Be Done?

Protruding ear surgery can be performed at any age. However, it is more advantageous to do it early. Surgery can be performed starting from the age of 4-5, when cartilage development begins to be completed. It is possible to apply the rope method from the age of 1.

Is Prominent Ear Surgery Permanent? Will Scooping Happen Again?

Re-opening after classical prominent ear surgery is not a situation we have ever encountered. If our postoperative recommendations are followed, there is almost no possibility of such a problem. Patient selection for prominent ear surgery with thread is very important. Not every patient may be suitable for this method. After the examination, we tell our patient whether it is suitable or not. If it is suitable, if we have performed the procedure and our recommendations are followed after the procedure, there will be no opening in this operation.

Can I Use a Hair Band?

In the classical method, a hair band is used. We recommend using thread for prominent ear aesthetics only at night.

Prominent Ear Surgery Price

It is not right or ethical to quote prices on the internet. Additionally, it cannot be decided which method will be applied and what the cost will be without examination. We can only say this: The price of prominent ear aesthetics with thread is more affordable than classical prominent ear surgery.


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