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What is Nose Tip Aesthetics?

Burun ucunun daha estetik bir hale getirilmesi veya yukarı kaldırılması gibi değişiklikler içerebilir. Burun ucu estetiği nedir? Burun ucunun şeklini, boyutunu ve genel görünümünü iyileştirmek için yapılan bir cerrahi işlemdir. Tıbbi terim olarak “tip plasti” olarak da bilinir. Burun Ucu Estetiği Nasıl Yapılır? Burun ucunun estetik görünümünü düzeltmek amacıyla yapılan bir cerrahi işlemdir. Bu operasyon, burun ucunun boyutunu, şeklini ve…

What is Nasal Congestion?

It is a condition in which breathing becomes difficult as a result of narrowing or obstruction of the nasal passages. Nasal congestion usually occurs due to colds, allergies, sinusitis or intranasal structural disorders. This condition may be associated with inflammation of the nasal mucosa or excessive mucus production. It may negatively affect the overall quality of life by reducing sleep quality and may require treatment. What are the symptoms of nasal congestion? Nasal congestion causes difficulty breathing due to narrowing of the nasal passages…

What is Salivary Gland Surgery?

It is an operation performed to surgically correct the salivary glands. Salivary gland surgery is used to treat blockages, stones or infections in the salivary glands. It is usually performed to reduce or eliminate symptoms such as dry mouth, pain and difficulty swallowing. During surgery, procedures such as complete or partial removal of glands or clearing of obstruction may be performed. In Which Situations Is Salivary Gland Surgery Performed? Stones formed in the salivary glands,…

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