Chin Implant

Chin Implant

Chin Implant (Jaw Enlargement – Chin Reduction Surgery)

To correct the visual appearance on the face or weak jaw structureAesthetic jaw surgery may be used to strengthen the jaw. Chin augmentation can be performed with implants in people with normal tooth structure and jaw development. The chin implant is placed on the jawbone and thus the chin grows. As with other operations chin implant The person who will have it done must also have a strong and healthy immune system.

Chin Implant Construction

Many different methods can be applied to chin implants. Different sizes, shapes and materials can be chosen depending on the patient and the desired result. lower jaw bone An incision is made above and inside the mouth, and a suitable sized pocket is created in the area where the implant will be placed. The incision is then closed and the surgery is completed. Processing time approx. 30 – 45 minutesis. If additional processing is required, this time increases. It is normal for swelling to occur after surgery. Tape is used to prevent the implants from moving due to these swellings.

Healing Process After Chin Implant

After chin implant healing process It varies depending on both the method applied and whether additional interventions are made during the procedure. If only a chin implant is placed, the patient is usually discharged on the same day evening. There is nothing that would prevent comfortable movement. There may be numbness in the lower lip and chin on the first day. It ends the next day, as it does after dental intervention. The jaw may be swollen and painful. Pain It can be kept under control with cutters. Antibiotic Treatment may also be required. It is necessary to avoid heavy physical activities for a while. Because there is swelling, the implant may move. Tape or bandage is used to prevent this. Keeping the head upright minimizes swelling. If the procedure is performed through the mouth, solid foods are prohibited for a while. The mouth should be cleaned after every meal to ensure the hygiene of the stitches.

Chin reduction and enlargement surgery

Chin Reduction Surgery

If the lower jaw is further than the teeth and gives the appearance of a long jaw, and this situation disturbs the person aesthetically. chin reduction surgery can be done. Chin reduction operation is performed by making an incision through the mouth while the patient is under general anesthesia. The jaw tip is reduced with surgical instruments. After bleeding is checked, the incision is closed with special stitches. Pressure is applied with tape to prevent the tip of the chin from swelling too much. If the food regimen is followed for about 1 week, a comfortable recovery process will be experienced. (Juicy and soft food should be consumed for 1 week)

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