To correct the shape change that occurs on the lips with the aging process. lip lift surgery makes. This process provides a fuller, younger and more attractive appearance.

It is performed under local anesthesia and several small incisions are made during the procedure. The surgery allows the skin and tissues to be tightened and shaped.

After surgery, slight swelling and bruising may occur. These conditions resolve spontaneously within a few days. It can be relieved with simple methods such as painkillers or ice applications. The recovery process usually takes 1-2 weeks and the patient can return to daily activities within a few days.

It is one of the most frequently performed plastic surgery procedures. However, like any surgical procedure, this procedure has some risks and complications. The most common complications may include infection, bleeding, swelling, and asymmetry of the lip. Therefore, before having this procedure, it is important to discuss all the risks and possible consequences with your doctor. lip lift surgery You should talk to your doctor in detail about the risks and consequences.

Lip Lift Surgery

After Lip Lift Surgery

After the operation, the patient should pay special attention to lip care. Particularly during the recovery period, activities such as eating, drinking and smoking should be avoided for protection. Additionally, it should be kept moist and protected from sunlight. In addition, following other care instructions recommended by your doctor may also provide better results.

The procedure, also called liplifting, stands out by making your facial expression more aesthetic. There may be a slight change in appearance and this change may not be compatible with the patient's expectations. Therefore, before the procedure, the patient's expectations and appearance should be discussed in detail with his doctor.

lip lift surgeryIt is an effective method in correcting situations such as shape changes. However, you should be informed about the risks and consequences of this procedure and discuss it in detail with your doctor. It is extremely important to prevent possible problems before and after surgery.

Things to Consider After Lip Lift Surgery

Lip aesthetics is a subject that greatly affects facial expression. Since it is an important surgical procedure, important points need to be taken into consideration. Since it is an aesthetic surgery procedure, it is very important to choose a physician who is experienced and specialized in this field.

Before surgery, it is important for the patient to talk in detail with the doctor about how they want to improve the appearance of their lips. Their expectations should be realistic about the scope and results of the surgery.

lip lift surgery Afterwards, patients should make all the preparations recommended by the doctor. These preparations include blood tests, care instructions, and pre-anesthesia instructions in a manner consistent with your general health. After the operation, the patient should pay attention to lip care. These include avoiding touching the stitches and carefully following any other instructions recommended by the doctor.

It may vary depending on the person's general health condition, age and the extent of the surgery. However, patients should carefully follow all instructions recommended by the doctor during this process. During the recovery process, the use of recommended supplements and regular follow-up checks are also important.

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