Lip Lift

Lip Lift

Lip Lift Aesthetics

Your lips will look perfect with Lip Lift plastic surgery! Lip lift, also known as upper lip lift operation, is a lip enlargement procedure. In people with narrow lips, the upper lip appears thin. With the lip lift application, the size of the upper lip is shortened and the red part of the lip is made prominent and more visible.

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    Return to Your Daily Life Quickly!

    May Your Return Be Magnificent!

    Have beautiful lips and gorgeous smiles! Although the lip lift application, which has become popular among women in recent years, appears to be in the lip augmentation category, there is no injection or permanent filler in the surgical application. Lip lift application requires a surgical operation. In the lip lift application, which is a permanent application, the patient is given a natural-looking lip lift.

    Processing Time

    45 - 60 Min.

    Recovery Time

    5 - 7 Days

    Rest Period

    1 week
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    Lip Lift Aesthetics
    Before and after

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    No More Getting Lip Fillers Every Year!

    Permanent and full-looking lips with the power of plastic surgery in just a 1-hour procedure. People with dull lips or thin lips can also have full lips with lip lifting surgery. lip lift surgery With this method, the pink part of the upper lip is made more visible. Thanks to lip lifting surgery, there is no need to constantly need injectable fillers. Because lip lifting surgery The effect of lip augmentation is permanent.

    Full Lips for a Lifetime in 60 Minutes!

    During lip lift surgery, which is performed through a surgical procedure, the surgeon removes and shapes the skin from under the nose. Lip lift surgery usually leaves no scars and gives the patient a natural appearance. After lip lift surgery The swelling decreases within 3 days and the patient recovers in up to 1 week.

    liplift upper lip lift aesthetics
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    Lip Lift Appointment and Prices

    Kiss. Dr. To get the lip lift aesthetic price and appointment from Sezai Sevengil, you can open an appointment request from our contact form or contact us via WhatsApp or phone.


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