Nasal concha are two soft tissue layers located around the nose. It controls breathing and temperature regulation. It is defined as the abnormal growth of flesh. nasal flesh growth, can usually be caused by several different reasons;

Why does nasal flesh enlargement occur??

In some people, nasal concha may be naturally large. This may be due to genetic reasons and may affect the size of the nasal concha. Some diseases and infections that may cause nasal contagion to enlarge include:

Sinusitis: It is an inflammatory condition of the sinuses inside the nose.

Polyps: These are tumors that cause the soft tissue layers in the nose to grow.

Allergic rhinitis: It is an allergy that causes inflammation of the bones and tissues in the nose.

Nasal Flesh Growth

After nasal flesh surgery, abnormal nasal flesh growth it could be the subject. This may occur due to incorrect application of techniques applied by the surgeon or impaired wound healing after surgery.

Nasal concha may naturally grow with age. This may cause the nasal concha to weaken and fall off due to old age. Due to frequent and intense coughing, the nasal concha may grow abnormally.

Nasal Flesh Growth Treatment

This problem can be solved with a surgical intervention. In this intervention, the surgeon improves nasal breathing and appearance by reducing the abnormal size of the nasal concha. During the surgery, the surgeon cuts the tissue of the nasal concha and gives it the desired shape. This surgery is called rhinoplasty.

nasal flesh growth To solve your problem, you can first contact our ear, nose and throat (ENT) doctor or get information from our website. The ENT doctor can determine the cause of nasal enlargement and recommend the most appropriate treatment method.

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