Nasal Flesh Surgery

Nasal Flesh Surgery
It is a surgical procedure performed when the nasal flesh grows and causes difficulty in breathing. nose surgeryIt involves reducing or removing the nasal concha. Nasal concha are soft tissues located inside the nostrils, and in some people they can grow and cause nasal congestion and breathing problems. The surgery aims to improve airflow in the nostrils, making breathing easier and reducing symptoms that cause nasal congestion.

Nasal Concha Surgery Process

It is usually done under local anesthesia and takes 20-30 minutes. During surgery, the nasal concha is reduced or completely removed. After surgery, a tampon or band-aid may be placed in the nasal cavity.
In the first days after surgery, patients often experience pain, swelling and bleeding around the nose. Therefore, patients are recommended to take painkillers to control pain. At the same time, patients are recommended to keep their heads elevated, not to insert anything into the nose, and to apply ice around the nose. The recovery process may take several days after surgery.

How Many Days Does It Take to Heal from Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Nasal Flesh Surgery

nose surgery Afterwards, patients can usually return to normal activities within a few days. However, the full recovery process usually takes 1-2 weeks. During this period, it is important for patients to use the medications recommended by the doctor, avoid heavy exercises and protect the area around the nose. Some complications may occur after surgery.

These complications include problems such as bleeding, infection, difficulty breathing, and delayed wound healing. Therefore, it is important for patients to closely monitor their post-procedure symptoms and notify their doctor of any problems or complications.

nose surgery The postoperative period may vary depending on the patient's condition and how successful the surgery was. However, when the instructions given by the doctor are followed after the surgery, patients usually recover completely and the breathing problems caused by the growth in the nasal concha disappear.

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