Prominent Ear Aesthetics


Prominent Ear Aesthetics

Get the look you want in your ears with prominent ear aesthetics! Although the prominent ear problem can somehow be hidden with hair, it causes men to have to grow their hair and women cannot style their hair freely. In this case, you can choose to get rid of the problem either with threaded prominent ear aesthetics or with classical prominent ear surgery.

Ear Aesthetics otoplasty

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    Aesthetic Looking Ears!

    Let It Look Like You Imagine!

    We give your ear the look you want with developing aesthetic technology. Classic prominent ear surgery, also known as otoplasty, is performed under local anesthesia. In local anesthesia, the patient is not put to sleep, the procedure is performed without pain, while chatting and listening to music. Kiss. Dr. Have a painless process with Sezai Sevengil's experience in his field.

    Processing Time

    60 Min.

    Recovery Time

    1 week

    Rest Period

    1 week
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    After Prominent Ear Aesthetics

    After Prominent Ear Aesthetics

    Continue your life with your new ears in 1 week. A difficult situation for the patient after otoplasty surgery. pain There is no pain. Minimal pain that may occur can be easily tolerated with simple painkillers. The transition period to normal life is very short. Normal life can be continued with the provided ear band. The first dressing is done within a few days. Since the incision is behind the ear and aesthetic stitches are used, there is no problem with scarring.

    There is No Limit in Prominent Ear Aesthetics!

    With advanced technology and techniques, we not only help you get rid of protruding ears, but also shape your ears the way you want. We also shape deformations in the ear cartilage, ear size and sagging of the earlobe with prominent ear surgery. It's now easier to have the ear you want!

    There is No Limit in Prominent Ear Aesthetics
    Prominent Ear Aesthetics Prices

    Prominent Ear Aesthetics Appointment and Prices

    Kiss. Dr. To get the price and appointment for Prominent Ear aesthetics from Sezai Sevengil, you can open an appointment request from our contact form or contact us via WhatsApp or phone.


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