Prominent ear surgery in childrenWhile the problem of prominent ears is very common in children, this situation upsets their families more than the children. The fact that the ear continues to develop until the age of 6-7 makes families hopeful, and they expect it to improve by wearing tape or tilting the ears back. Although the possibility of correcting the ears in this way is low, it does exist. Because ear scoop It is mostly genetic and therefore difficult to recover without treatment. For children who have not started school prominent ear While the problem is not yet a problem, it can cause social and psychological problems, especially when it comes to school age. Taking this into consideration, parents should consider prominent ear surgery they want to have it done. Here it is too prominent ear surgery age issue comes to the fore.

At What Age Can Prominent Ear Surgery Be Done?

To undergo classical prominent ear surgery, we were waiting for the age of 4-5, when ear development begins to be completed. The fact that the ear cartilage was about to complete its development and that we were not yet of school age did not cause any problems in waiting for this age range. However, since it was an age when everyone was aware of everything, it was not pleasant for families to experience trauma in the child, not being able to solve this problem when they were still babies, and having to face a surgical intervention involving an incision. New method of developing medicine prominent ear surgery with thread We can say that these problems have been eliminated.

What is Protruding Ear Treatment with Thread?

With the prominent ear treatment with thread, without any incision and in a very short time. getting rid of prominent ear problem possible. During the 15-minute procedure, no incision is made, the required angle is given with special medical threads, and the patient can get up and go home or work after the procedure. One of the best things that makes parents happy is prominent ear surgery in babies Thanks to this method, it can be done from the age of 1. Of course, provided that the patient's ear structure is suitable... While it can be done very easily under local anesthesia, general anesthesia can be used especially in babies and children who are not suitable for doing it under local anesthesia. With the easy post-operative process, prominent ear surgery in children becomes more convenient. How to perform prominent ear treatment with thread, its advantages and the post-procedure process. prominent ear surgery with thread We explained it in more detail in our article.

prominent ear aesthetics in babies

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