Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision rhinoplasty

Revision Nose Surgery

It is the process of correcting the nose, which has been operated on one or more times before, by re-operating. revision nose surgery It is called. Revision surgery or corrective surgery It can be done for many reasons. Each revision case has differences from each other. Generally, if the problems that existed before the first nose surgery were not fully resolved, if complications occurred during or after the surgery, if aesthetic adequacy was not achieved, or if there was no improvement in health problems. revision rhinoplasty can be applied.

Revision surgeries are more difficult than the first surgery because the procedure has been performed before in the same area. It requires special technique and expertise. It takes longer, and although it is still minimal, the risk of complications is slightly higher than the first surgery.

To prevent the same problems from recurring, before surgeryGood communication should be established with the patient. One must go deeper into the problem, understand what was done wrong, listen carefully to what the patient wants, and explain clearly what the patient expects. It is important to clearly explain what can and cannot be done so that the patient, who has already had one or more surgeries and has been disappointed, does not feel disappointed again. The patient may have already suffered psychological damage, so false hopes should not be given.

Revision nose surgery

How is Revision Rhinoplasty Done?

Closed or open technique can be used. Generally general anesthesia It is done under. There are very rare cases that can be performed under local anesthesia. The surgery may take between 20 minutes and 1.5 hours, depending on the situation. One of the most important problems encountered in revision nose surgeries is that there is not enough cartilage structure left. The reason for this is that there has been previous processing in that area. But it is not insoluble. If such a situation exists, it should be taken from another part of the patient. cartilage transfer can be done. These cartilages are usually taken from the patient's own body. It is supplied mostly from two regions. Either from the auricle or from the rib... If there is a lot of cartilage loss, rib cartilage is used; which is done less frequently than the other. The process of removing cartilage from the auricle is performed from the back of the ear, without damaging its aesthetic and functional structure, and as often as necessary.

Revision rhinoplasty The most important point in surgery is to diagnose the problem well. What is the real reason behind the current problem? If this is detected, the rest will come true.

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