What is Tonsillectomy?

The almond-shaped structures on both sides of the throat are called tonsils. Tonsils, which form a part of the immune system, protect the body against infections. Constant exposure to infection tonsillitis If the situation we mentioned occurs repeatedly, it ceases to be a part of the defense mechanism and begins to harm the body. In this case and if it grows enough to cause heart valve inflammation, kidney inflammation, and respiratory tract closure. removal of tonsils must.

Small children's tonsils are larger than adults. The reason for this is that babies and children are more likely to be affected by harmful factors. This difference, which is for protection purposes, causes problems such as tonsil swelling to be seen mostly in children. For children to have tonsillectomy 3 years oldWe recommend that they come from . Of course, it can be taken at any age if necessary.

How is Tonsil Surgery Performed?

Tonsillectomy is usually general anesthesia It is done under. Local anesthesia may rarely be preferred in people over the age of 18. There are tonsil surgery methods such as cold knife, radiofrequency, cautery and thermal surgery (thermal welding). The most commonly used method is the cold knife method. There is no obvious advantage of one method over another. Some methods have advantages and some disadvantages. The important thing here is to choose the method appropriate for the patient.

The most preferred method in tonsil enlargement surgery is the cold knife method. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Tonsils are removed by entering through the mouth. The surgery is terminated after the bleeding foci are ligated and bleeding is controlled. With hot methods, wounds take longer to heal and may be more painful. Surgery time in cold method 15 – 30 minutes, in the hot method 10 – 20 minutesis.

How is tonsillitis surgery done?

After Tonsillectomy

The most common complaint after tonsillectomy is sore throat. In children, these pains are usually 45 days It ends by decreasing within. But in adults, this period 7 – 10 daysIt can go up to . The complete recovery process is the same for both children and adults. However, adults may feel more pain.

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