Upper Eyelid Aesthetics

upper eyelid surgery
EyelidsThere has been a serious change in our approach to business in recent years. It has been noticed that the standard surgical techniques used for the last 30 years have many inadequacies and problems. It is now argued that initiatives such as “removing the fat bags” are unnecessary. Our expectations have gone beyond simply creating “bagless” eyelids and we prefer to consider the face as a whole.

Signs of aging affecting the eye area

Eyelids are the place where aging is most evident and attracts the most attention. In the eyelids, which are both very mobile and have very thin skin due to their structure, skin wrinkling It is almost inevitable with advancing age. All the sagging and loosening that begins around them also affects the eyelids.

  1. The forehead gets lower with age. Along with the forehead, the eyebrows begin to fall on the upper eyelids. The eyelids, which cannot bear such a load, slide down.
  2. There is a membrane that surrounds the eyeball and separates the fat bags that support it from the lower eyelids. This is an elastic membrane and acts as a barrier. With advancing age, this membrane loosens and becomes unable to bear the load of fat bags. So the fats move outward and we call them “eye bagsWe see it as ".
  3. The skin of the eyelids is the thinnest skin on the body. It is also attached to the very mobile muscles underneath. Therefore, with every eye movement, the eye skin wrinkles and sags a little more. Side wrinkles around the eyes, called "crow's feet", are an example of this.
  4. A deep hollow appears on the upper border of the cheeks under the eye. This is caused by the cheeks hanging down.

In standard eyelid surgeries, the eyelid skin, the thin muscle layer under the skin and the fat that fills the eye bags are removed. Although this is a very common surgery, it often creates disappointment in patients. The reason for this is that some of the basic problems I mentioned above do not belong to the operated tissues but to other adjacent structures such as cheeks and forehead. For example, most of the bulk on the upper eyelids comes from eyebrows that hang down.

Upper eyelid aesthetics

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