Hoarseness negatively affects social life and, for some of us, professional life. There are main reasons for hoarseness that almost everyone experiences throughout their lives. It is often seen due to upper respiratory tract infections, especially in winter months. hoarseness Sometimes it can be a sign of vital diseases such as throat cancer. Therefore if hoarseness If it does not stop after 5 days, you should definitely consult a doctor.

1) Upper respiratory tract infections

The upper respiratory tract covers the area from the entrance of the nose and mouth to the trachea. Viral infections in this area (such as flu, cold or pharyngitis) can cause edematous discharge in the mucosal tissue. While the discharges that occur can indirectly affect the vocal cords, they can sometimes cause a condition that directly affects the vocal cords, which we call laryngitis. When treatment is applied for the diseases that usually occur, the problem of hoarseness disappears.

2) Reflux

how to get rid of hoarsenessReflux is a condition in which stomach contents rise towards the esophagus. Acidic foods irritate the esophagus. Sometimes it can go up the esophagus and affect the larynx and vocal cords, causing hoarseness.

3) Postnasal drip

Postnasal drip, which causes habits that negatively affect the quality of life, such as a feeling of stuckness in the throat, constant swallowing, and constant throat clearing, can go lower and cause hoarseness.

4) Voice misuse and trauma

Intensive and incorrect use of the voice can cause nodules on the vocal cords. As the edema in the vocal cords progresses, polyps may form. Teachers, lawyers, voice artists and people who speak to the public, especially those who have to use their voices professionally, encounter this problem very often. High and incorrectly produced sound destroys this area as if it punches the vocal cords. Traumatized vocal cords are sometimes tried to be treated with voice therapy and sometimes with surgical methods.

5) Throat cancer

Smoking, alcohol consumption, some viral diseases and genetic factors are effective in the development of laryngeal cancer. These tumors, which affect the larynx and vocal cords, affect the movement and vibration of the vocal cords and affect the muscle, nerve and joint structure of the larynx. Because hoarseness it occurs.


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