What do we hear from patients?

-That doctor has a very nice nose.

-But so-and-so went to him and said he couldn't even breathe anymore.

-I went to this doctor and felt like I was born again.

-But that doctor also made his nose crooked.

A perception began to emerge as if "the doctor who makes a functional nose creates a bad nose in terms of aesthetics, and the doctor who makes it aesthetically pleasing distorts the anatomy of the nose." Which is more important? An aesthetic nose or a healthy nose with preserved functions? Or let's change the question to: Aren't both possible?

What is the use of the nose?

aesthetic noseThe nose allows us to breathe, warming, moistening and cleaning the breath before it reaches the lungs. The first stop of our smell and breathing is the nose. It is also an organ that changes the entire beauty of our face. In the past, patients mostly resorted to surgery for breathing problems. Now the demand for cosmetic surgery is increasing. Or, there are many people who say, "I have a problem with my nose, so I should correct its shape while having it done." In fact, this request reveals the summary of the issue. A healthy and aesthetic nose is possible…

Priority Health

Some patients who resort to aesthetic surgery may have health problems. In order to make these patients aesthetically happy, it is necessary to solve their health problems. In this regard, health problems (septum deviation, turbinate, etc.) are eliminated and aesthetic surgery is performed in the same session. In other words, both subjects can be integrated with each other.

Ear Nose and Throat Specialists are well equipped with the functional and anatomical structure of the nose. In surgeries, if there is a functional disorder in the nose, they first aim to correct it. In addition, a natural and aesthetic nose is definitely aimed. A smooth and balanced nose is also functional. In other words, health and aesthetics are already "indispensable" together.

Are Aesthetics Second?

Aesthetics cannot be put in the background just because health should come first. Since health is everything, it is necessary to keep health one step ahead. A doctor who does not know the anatomy of the nose may create a nose that is problematic in terms of health. On the other hand, a physician who does not view rhinoplasty as an art will also create ordinary noses.

healthy nose

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