ear pickEar cleaning sticks are actually produced to clean the curved areas of the ear, not the inside. In fact, many brands have information on how and for what to use them. Unfortunately, many people apply it to the ear incorrectly without knowing the rules of use, which causes some diseases.

The yellowish deposits known as earwax are actually the accumulation of discharge necessary to keep the ear canal lubricated. These deposits are usually eliminated spontaneously through the outer ear without the need for special cleaning. If there is stenosis, excessive hair growth and infection in the canal, these discharges accumulate before being removed and may prevent hearing. The cause of hair accumulation may not be explained in some people.

In the formation of deposits that block the ear ear stick Materials also play a role. While it is about to be thrown out on its own, it is unknowingly pushed further with the ear swab, causing the blockage to increase. The plugs are removed by an ENT specialist under a microscope with an aspirator. Moreover ear washing can also be used. This method is mostly preferred in children and sensitive people. The belief that the ear becomes more clogged or collects dirt after cleaning is completely wrong.

How should the ear be cleaned at home?

Warm water can be poured into the ear during a shower. It can be cleaned with a towel after a shower. Water that escapes inside comes out on its own. By tilting your ear to the right and left, you can help dry the moist parts and drain them down with the help of a towel or napkin. While drying your hair, you can also dry your ear for a short time, thus drying the remaining moist ear. ear pick It should only be used to clean curved areas.

ear cleaning

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